5 Best places to visit in Brooklyn

Brooklyn – a place made famous by walks on the Brooklyn Bridge in movies! It offers a plethora of fun activities and so many destinations like parks, food markets museums and so much more! It is a place full of places to chill and also relax with your thoughts! Here are some of the best places to visit in Brooklyn!

best places to visit in brooklyn

Brooklyn Bridge

One of the top most attractions in all of New York City – the Brooklyn Bridge! You can have fun driving, biking, or just stroll across the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. Architecture enthusiasts love a stroll while encouraging and admiring the several views of the world-famous New York City skyline! You could have a lot of fun here especially for early morning walks or evening strolls, this place is so terrific time here just passes by and there is no specific time that could make your experience better!

Brooklyn Museum

History buff would have the time of their lives in the Brooklyn Museum! It is the place near the gorgeous Brooklyn Botanic Garden. It has a unique collection of masterpieces by Monet, Rothko, Bierstadt and Egyptian antiquities with Japanese, European and American art. A budding feminist can find themselves by learning about the feminist piece The Dinner Part by Judy Chicago. It also has free programs like music and dance performances, art shows, musical performances, and a lot more!

Prospect Park

Prospect Park – a place to connect with the real Brooklyn! This is a place where local residents gather to run, walk, bike etc. You could have time learning about the stories of the people living there or explore the Ravine forest and picnic on the Long Meadow and Nethermead. It also has a number of attractions like the zoo, ice rink, playing field and a lot more!

Coney Island

Coney Island – the perfect summer destination in Brooklyn! It is a buzzing attraction with an aquarium, amphitheater and the Luna amusement park! The Luna amusement park is known for its thrilling roller coasters. While at Coney Island you should definitely enjoy the beach with several parades and celebrations going on around at the Coney Island!

BAM Harvey Theatre

A cultural space for all the theatre enthusiasts out there! The building is beautiful with its three mixed-used venues. It features films, musicals, operas, plays, and Broadway. You can choose from all the awesome shows here and watch one of those to revive and connect to your cultural side. You can also attend the annual Next Wave Festival which is a world renowned festival which features cultural shows.

Brooklyn is a fun place with several luxury hotels to just have a relaxing holiday and chill at the hotel. Hotels like Franklin Guesthouse and Hotel Le Jolie are the best bet for some luxurious holiday with yourself! Thus, Brooklyn is the best place to have fun, chill, look for your real self or just connect with yourself, your culture, or the world! This place is full of stories you never knew and memories you will never forget!…

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